Since April 2015, the trustees of occupational pension schemes providing defined contribution (DC) benefits have been required to prepare an annual governance statement signed by their Chair of trustees.

From 6 April 2018 additional information about investment charges and core transaction costs must be made available online to members via the Chair’s statement. The information must be provided free of charge on a publicly accessible website.

To comply with these regulations, pension schemes administered by Trafalgar House have provided access to their Chair’s statement via the links below.

Click on the name of your pension scheme to read your Chair’s statement. You do not need to sign in to read the statement.

CMR Limited Pension and Life Assurance Scheme

Scotts Company (UK) Pension Scheme - Chairs Statement

Scotts Company (UK) Pension Scheme - Statement of Investment Principles

Ericsson Employee Benefits Scheme – Chairs Statement

Ericsson Employee Benefits Scheme – Statement of Investment Principles

The requirements to produce a Chair’s statement do not apply to defined benefit schemes where the only DC benefits provided are those in relation to additional voluntary contributions. Executive pension schemes and small self-administered schemes are also exempted. The same exemptions apply in respect of the additional costs and charges information. You may not, therefore, see the name of your pension scheme in this list.